Private apartment in Paris

Paris, France

Description: Reorganization of a 50m² duplex apartment in central Paris

The apartment is located in the center of Paris on Assas Street, near the Luxembourg Gardens. The owners of the 50 m² duplex apartment asked the architect to reorganize it completely.
When he took the assignment, his main idea was to enlarge the space despite its small surface area. In order to increase the volume to its maximum he transferred two thirds of the existing terrace to the living room, created a gallery with a library and an office space on the second level, and opened the kitchen onto the living room through a bar. The center of the new composition thus became the double-height space of the living as it allows a visual communication between all the parts of the apartment.
An additional room was also created in the existing attic on the level above. Therefore the roof had to be changed in order to provide the necessary height.
A new staircase now better connects the two levels of the apartment and opens up a space to move the toilet that was previously in the bathroom.
The bathroom and the outdoor terrace were covered with the exotic wood Ipe whereas the floor of the central double-height space was covered with massive light-colored wood in order to reflect the natural light in the house.
The existing 19 th Century details of the building such as the windows and wooden beams harmoniously blend with the contemporary details and shapes of the project.