Maison Internationale de Séjour (M.I.S - Paris)

Paris, France

Description: Residence Hall and Hotel
Surface: 4 800 m²
Client: Fac Habitat / SA HLM Gambetta Locatif
Project: 2014
Completion: 2015

The Maison Internationale de Séjour (MIS) is a residence hall and a hotel and will host young people aged between 18 and 30. Here, the beneficiaries of language travel or university exchanges, as well as foreign students will enjoy a room in Paris at budget rates.

During the summer months, the hostels are in high demand in the French capital. The MIS answers to it with a program that combines apartments and multipurpose halls, as well as 550 rooms and studios for students or tourists, who remain in Paris from one night to several months. This demands a flexible and specific organization of the building.

The MIS is part of the “Grand Paris” urban renewal project. This area is the subject of a comprehensive policy to improve the quality of life, to strengthen urban solidarity with the neighborhood of Ivry-sur-Seine and a social policy as promoting local economic development.

The entertainment center will have common areas to facilitate the meetings among students, tourists and local associations, and also meeting spaces for educational purposes and cultural events.

The common core will include ground floor surfaces dedicated to entertainment, hospitality and catering.

The project consists of three volumes: two devoted to the apartments for long-term stay for students and trainees, and the third one for those who will stay only for several days. The project responds to the climate requirements in Paris as energy performance and its exterior insulation will be more efficient with materials such as precast concrete.