architecture: public buildings

French Lycée "Victor Hugo" in Sofia

Sofia “Malinova Dolina” district, Bulgaria

Sofia's Lycée Français
Surface: 8 576m²
Parking: 30 spaces for cars, 2 for buses
Client: Association du lycée Français Victor Hugo

This project has been prepared based on the detailed request of the Association of the French lycée Victor Hugo.
The lycée is built on two levels: Ground Floor at level +/- 0,00/ and First floor at levels /+3,30 and +3.60/. Only the technical premises are partially bellow ground level at -1.80. The school is designed for 750 students, divided into two main groups: Primary school, which includes Childcare, kindergarten, elementary school and Middle school that includes the collège and the lycée (high school). The maximum building occupants will be around 843–750 students and 48 teachers, 25 inside staff and an additional external staff of 20 people. The design complies with a detailed program prepared by the client, and it includes: Premises for teaching, conforming to the needs of the different students groups, administrative zone, teachers’ offices, sport zones – inside and outside, dining halls with small kitchen and service yard, recreational zones divided for the primary and middle school, and a parking zone.
The building has two main parts, which are connected with the central public one. The North-East part hosts the Primary School and the South-West part hosts the Middle education section. Each of them is divided into a North and a South section. The North section is designed for common functions – sport halls, dining halls and auxiliary. The South section is thought for the teaching process. The central part is the building’s representative one. It includes central hall connecting all school zones. It is designed as atrium two story high and abundant greenery. The main spiral stairs connects ground and first floor. The central part gives access to the library and multimedia center. The school entrance has two cone-like structures, shaping the square that is designed to offer maximum comfort for students’ social life, the parents and teachers. The security booth, situated at the main entrance, guaranties maximum control. The outdoor includes parking, recreation and sport zones.