architecture: public buildings

Electronica offices

Sofia, Bulgaria

Offices and commercial area
Surface: 8 500 m²
Parkings: 91 cars
Client: Electronica AG
Conception: 2008

The Electronica Office Building is situated in the Slatina region in Sofia, facing the Sky City Mall. Its atrium construction provides for light, space and unique working environment featuring a panoramic view and perception of an open area. The individual working places arranged along the building’s facade and towards the atrium are lighted from both sides, and the intermediate areas can be used for team work and meetings. The building’s facade and proportions are built on the contrasting principle, as the static and heavy atrium construction is counterpointed by light and dynamic plastics. The northern facade is a suspended, entirely glazed, typical entrance facade of an office building, with an elevated passage area in front of it, and a console visor emphasising the main entrance and the shop entrances. The southern and eastern facades are entirely glazed. A specific metal net is constructed in front of these facades, with openings protecting from harsh sunlight and ensuring improved energy efficiency. The atrium roof is glazed with the ‘spider’ glazing system, and the denser parts of the facade will be metal bond-panelled. The offices on the first level are organised after the ‘open space’ principle, with an utmost flexibility for formation of smaller or bigger offices, and separate sections within these offices. This flexibility is achieved through the use of beamless reinforced concrete construction and fitting module panelling structure of the façade, suspended ceiling and double flooring. Also, the building’s construction is specific for its lack of antiseismic elements in the area of the offices, whereas these elements are concentrated around the communications section and the end east axis of the building. Thus, there are only columns in the offices area which further contributes to its flexibility. The communications section and instalment shafts are grouped together in the rear part of the building near the blind wall.
The office building will also have four offices on the current floor, shops and cafeteria on the ground level, and a conference room and cafeteria on the top floor. The sixth and the seventh floor are to be used by the investor, and are separately connected through an internal staircase. The building will have a two-level underground car park with a capacity for 91 automobiles, fitted with a one-lane access ramp. There will also be technical premises there, with a water reservoir for the sprinkler instalment.