architecture: public buildings

Sofia's Airport Control Tower

Sofia, Bulgaria

Control Tower (Sofia Airport)
Surface: 2 535m²
Height: 50 meters
Award: National competition: 2nd prize
Conception: 2008

First of all, the control tower must be functional and bring the best working conditions for the employees: It is the project’s priority. At the same time, the building must be beautiful because it is often the first impression one has from a country after landing. By using the same materials (glass and metal), the new control tower at the Sofia airport is an integral and logical Terminal 2 extension. The building’s appearance metaphorically refers to one of the great symbols of Bulgaria: A Rose flower. The architectural set is also inspired by aviation esthetics. For example, the design recalls an aircraft’s turbine engine, and the silhouette as a whole to an airplane’s body and wings. This principle unifies all of the project’s elements. The required unit is aerodynamic, light, fluid by forms and changing spaces according to the point of view that one looks at it.