architecture: public buildings

Commercial center and offices

Beijing, China

Commercial center, offices, hotel, private club, and apartments
Surface: 220 000 m²
Parking: 500 cars
Client: Beijing Galilee ltd.
Conception: 1998

Gerard Pierre & Stefan Dobrev associated Architects

Since the client wished to develop the project on both the operational and architectural fronts, we were asked to conduct a survey evaluating the feasibility of our project with respect to Chinese regulations. Based on our results, we sought to give architectural
coherence to the diverse set of requirements including:
- Relocation of the shopping center, which becomes the project's centerpiece on 5 levels
- Design of the main entrance of the shopping center like a covered piazza
- Design of the private club with sports facilities (swimming pool, tennis courts, etc.)
- Establishment of an architectural link between the housing units and the central club that is in harmony with the overall project
- Research in the latest building technology combined with modern design to create a strong technological and architectural expression for the two towers (22 and 44 floors).