architecture: public buildings

Bulgarian National Bank*

Sofia, Bulgaria

Headquarters of the Bulgarian National Bank, banking institute, archaeological museum, and catholic church
Surface: 40 000 m²
Award: National competition: First prize
Conception: 1992

Stefan Dobrev and E.Markov associated architects

One of the project’s innovations lies in the creation of a pedestrian boulevard with two lateral streets, reminiscent of the Barcelonan Ramblas, in the bulgarian capital. With its huge atrium space open to the elevated entrance plaza, the National Bank becomes a symbolic “ Temple of Money”. The remnants of the town walls and western tower from the Roman period will be preserved under a large roof made of glass. The Catholic Church has a “David and Goliath” relationship to the bank: it is smaller but remains as important as the bank itself. It also has an independent side entrance accentuated by the sharp-edged bell tower.

*Non realized project