architecture: public buildings

BMW & MINI Showroom

Sofia, Bulgaria

Building type:
Surface: 7 418m²
Parking lots: 104
Client: Auto Bavaria
Project: 2014

BMW and MINI of AUTO BAVARIA Showroom is situated in a strategic location on Sofia’s Ring Road with an easy access to the center of the city through main transport arterial roads such as Bulgaria Blvd. The slope of the terrain of the plot makes the building visible from afar. It is divided into two main parts – showroom and service.

The showroom is located at the beginning of the plot. It is a transparent volume, through which offered cars can be clearly seen. The service center is hidden behind it and is functionally consistent with the technological process by simplified communications. Upper lighting contributes to a comfortable work ambient, and green roofs significantly improve the microclimate in the environment, increasing vegetation in the plot. Small part of it is intended for selling used cars, whereas the focus on urban and spatial planning remains on the showroom with new models of BMW and MINI, due to its central location and volume terms. The BMW and MINI showrooms are also functionally and conceptually separated, as the two volumes are treated in contrasting colors and different heights, according to the requirements of BMW.